Ida won the title of the Best Graduate of Ballet School in Poland



Double Platinium for the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack



Ida is hosting TV program "Przymierzalnia" for teenage girls on Zig Zap TV (CANAL+)

fot. Michal Nowotka



Ida just dances in the "Moda na Slub" ("Fashion for a Wedding") magazine (



Rafal "Tito" Kryla, the first "You Can Dance" show edition participant, has been chosen to be the Academy of The Future Ambassador.
The Association aids children growing up in tough conditions.
On June 17 "Tito" takes part in success certificates and diplomas bestow gala in UJ's Auditiorium Maximum. He has promised to prepare a special dance show which the kids just can't wait to see.



Ida performed with Tito as guests in the TVN STYLE "Private Dance Instructor" show.
Hosts: Joanna Liszowska, Rafal Maserak, Michal Pirog
Wednesday, 9 PM
Friday, 7 PM

Charitable concert - "Pass the Heart" (Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw)
Ida danced "Krakowiak" together with Tomasz Kammel and performed "Baka Rap", a piece by Maciej Pawlowski ( - it was a "noble rap" - a modern interpretation of reverend Josef Baka's poetry, Jan Lebenstein's art and modern music. Ida supports the "Pass the Heart" campaign with all her heart.



On April 22 at 6 PM Ida takes part in the "Pass the Heart" campaign in the Sala Kongresowa.

Ida is going to dance together with Tomasz Kammel and perform "Baka Rap", a "noble rap" based on rev. Josef Baka's baroque poetry.

Polish literature and art presentation by a dance to Maciej Pawlowski's music.

The music and video of the Art Dance series premiere took place in the Literature Museum, on a polish baroque art and Jan Lebenstein's (Ida's grandmother's brother) works presentation.

A new polish-american film super production, a "Art Factory" musical with Maciej Pawlowski, is beeing produced. Ida plays the leading role.



TVN "You Can Dance" finalist



Ida's last achievements

Ida plays Meg in the "The Phantom of the Opera" (

First prize in modern dance category at the Polish Dance Contest in Gdansk

A National Fund for the Outstandingly Talented Children - scholarship




Since september Ida hosts the "89 PLUS - Youth Passion Skauting" TV show for teenagers in TVP1.

See the leading (1.6MB, mpeg)



Ida plays Wiktoria in "Cats" the musical at the Theater Roma in Warsaw, Poland.

The Theater Roma web site


Ida played in the "Dance of vampires" the musical.
Artistic supervision: Roman Polanski
Directing: Cornelius du Crocq Baltus
Choreography: Denis Callahan.



Ida stars opposite STEVEN SEAGAL ("Under Siege"), and Matt Schulze ("The Transporter") in "Out Of Reach" directed by Poo-Chih Leong.

See fragments from the movie (11.3MB, mpeg)